MVD Roller Pro G2 Head

Compatible with a speargun barrel of the following Dimensions:
ID: 26mm
OD: 28,5 - 30mm
Offset: 2.3mm

  • Generation 2!

  • MVD new concept Roller Pro G2

  • Full pretension capable

  • Increased lateral agility

  • Reinforced metal parts

  • Same total weight as its predecessor!


  • Design and implementation using state of the art technology CAD/CAM CNC code.

  • High precision engineered to strict specifications

  • Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine

  • Reinforced low profile arches

  • improved lateral agility on spear-gun (due to low profile)

  • full pretension capable (100% pretension with no arch deformation)

  • High endurance, low friction Industrial  Acetal body

  • 30% larger than "Compact" in all dimensions

  • Fits rubber dia 16-19 mm

  • Real time-tested

  • Different types for almost every conventional speargun in the market

  • weight 95gr












Please make sure you use a spear shaft with shark pins/fins for your roller setup.






Please select the brand, for correct type, size, and dimensions!



If you don't see the head you are interested in the list, please contact us!


MVD Roller Pro G2 Head

60,00 €Price