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MVD Predator Zeso Invert Roller

MVD Speargun Predator ZESO


Invert Roller RAM

Ready to Use !




6 Sizes to Choose!
Select Yours!

 55cm - 75cm - 82cm - 90cm - 100cm - 110cm - 120cm


  • Made by MVD Sea Innovation products, built to meet the needs of even the most demanding spearfishing enthusiast.
  • Created using state-of-the-art CNC CAD / CAM machines, used by top of the field athletes around the world.
  • Equipped with a high precision trigger mechanism that offers great user sensitivity at maximum loads (up to 375kg).
  • It has a special ceramic dye on the gun barrel that offers durability in direct sunlight and shockproof abilities.
  • Extra 5cm of loading length compared to other spearguns in the market
  • Easily customizable by the user regarding the trigger safety, head, reel
  • The material of the speargun tube is made of a special aluminum alloy and also has a spear shaft guide along the top


ZESO 55 RTU comes with XS (extra small black) Reel


Please make sure you always clean your equipment carefully after use, using soap and water. Also, we advise you to store your gear in a dry and dark environment so that the rubber bands can last as long as possible.

And finally, SAFETY FIRST! Be sure to follow all safety guidelines regarding the use of all your spearfishing gear.



Body Only setup includes:

  • Orange/White handle, body


Ready to use setup includes:

  • Orange handle with orange reel or white handle with black reel, line, shaft, rubber bands

Rubber Bands:

  •     ZESO Inver Roller 55/82/90/100/110/120 : 3x pairs with a thickness of 16mm
  •     ZESO Open 55/82/90 : 1x passthrough with a thickness of 16mm
  •     ZESO Open 100/110/120 : 2x passthrough with a thickness of 16mm
  •     ZESO Roller/Closed 55/82/90/100/110/120 : 2x with a thickness of 16mm


All MVD Spearguns (RTU) are equiped with a reel line of: 2mm heavy duty polyester line


Spear Shaft:

  • 55 Open/Invert - length 90cm - thickness 6,75mm
  • 82 Open - length 120cm - thickness 6,50mm
  • 90 Open - length 130cm - thickness 6,50mm
  • 82 Invert - length 120cm - thickness 7,00mm
  • 90 Invert - length 130cm - thickness 7,00mm
  • 100 Open/Invert - length 140cm - thickness 7,00mm
  • 110 Open/Invert - length 150cm - thickness 7,00mm
  • 120 Open/Invert - length 150cm - thickness 7,50mm


Handle Color & Reel:

  •     Orange handle with orange reel
  •     White handle with black reel



Reel Size:

  • 55 - Soft Touch Arrow Extra Small - 15m of 2mm line
  • 82 - New Soft Arrow Small - 30m of 2mm line
  • 90 - New Soft Arrow Small - 30m of 2mm line
  • 100 - New Soft Arrow Medium - 40m of 2mm line
  • 110 - New Soft Arrow Large - 55m of 2mm line
  • 120 - New Soft Arrow Large - 55m of 2mm line



Important note:
 Handle rubber grip, Reel, Rubbers & lines, Spear shaft, Pulley, may vary depending on the factory's stock!

Camera Mounting kit NOT included


International buyers – please note:
Import duties, taxes, and charges aren't included in the item price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be, prior to buying. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the product they are ordering is compliant with the import regulations of their country.

MVD Predator Zeso Invert Roller

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