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MVD Pulleys Inox Pro for invert (pair)

MVD Pulleys Inox Pro for invert

  • Thinner and most powerfull pulley in the market
  • Ergonomic desing to prevent friction between pulleys and tube during the use
  • High precision engineered to strict specifications
  • Design and implementation using state of the art technology CAD/CAM CNC code
  • Made from special compount inox material
  • Low friction on heavy loads
  • Real-time tested
  • Ideal for DIY custom set up
  • Max load 687 kg/pair
  • Compatible with line 1.8-2.2 mm

  • Easy to mount
  • High strength



Thickness: 8 mm

Width: 26 mm

Lenght: 28 mm

Wheel diameter : 18 mm

Weight : 19.5 gr/pc

MVD Pulleys Inox Pro for invert (pair)

SKU: MVD10804
36,00 €Price
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