MVD Invert Roller G2 Eco kit Blue

Special Edition


Pathos,Picasso, Salvimar Spearguns!

MVD Invert Roller G2 kit Blue Special Edition for the demanding enthusiast!
Unleashes the power hidden in your equipment,
for all-around hunting.





MVD next generation Invert Roller kit in Blue Colour!

High precision engineered to strict specifications
Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine
Full invert roller operation
New revolutionary setup rigging & loading
that effectively utilises full length loading
Full pretension capable
Ideal for polyspast setups
Include polyspast module for assisted loading
Real time tested

Kit includes:
1 x MVD Invert Roller G2 Economy with white rollers & fixing inox screw
1 x O-ring for Invert Roller G2 Economy Blue
1 x insulating tabs
2 x O-rings for insulating tab
3 x loading hooks and fixing inox screws
2 x loading assist mini new generation pulleys made from composite material.

MVD Invert Roller G2 Eco kit Blue S.E. for Pathos, Picasso, Salvimar, Spearguns

50,00 €Price