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MVD next generation Invert Roller kit for wood and DIY!  

  • High precision engineered to strict specifications

  • Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine

  • Full invert roller operation

  • New revolutionary setup rigging & loading
    that effectively utilizes full-length loading

  • Full pretension capable

  • Ideal for polyspast setups

  • Include polyspast module for assisted loading

  • Real-time tested

Kit includes:

• 1 x Track guide made of inox steel type 316L marine and fixing screws
• 1 x Line guide and fixing screws
• 1 x 65mm x 6mm inox shaft
• 2 x Invert Roller wheels
• 3 x Loading hooks (with securing screws)
• 2 x New Polymer pulleys



Invert Roller Kit G2 For DIY

SKU: MVD10342
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