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PG Invert Roller Stealth 105 handmade wooden Speargun

(Ready to use!)

Stunning quality 100% handmade wooden Invert Roller Speargun

Equipped with MVD Invert Wheels G3 Inox Bearings

Mahogany Sipo

Actual Range: 6m

Rubber Bands: 6X16mm 

Speargun Length:1,30m

Reel: MVD New Soft Black / Size: Large

Spear Shaft: 7mm /Length:1,40m Inox Double flopper Shaft

Trigger Mechanism: MVD Trigger Predator Long

Weight: 2.7Kg



Please note, there may be a possible delay of up to 15 business days due to assembly.

PG Invert Roller Stealth 105

680,00 €Price