PG Invert Roller Lite


Stunning quality 100% handmade Wooden Invert Roller Speargun


  • Sipo Mahogany
  • Actual Range: 3.5m for 75 / 4.0m for 85 / 4.5m for 90 / 5.0m for 100 / 5.5m for 110
  • Rubber Bands: 4 X 18mm
  • Speargun Reel: MVD Soft Touch Horizontal - Color: Orange
  • Shaft: 6,5mm Lenght:1,15m for 75 / 1,20m for 85 / 130m for 90 / 1,40m for 100 / 1,50m for 110 Inox 1- Flop Shaft
  • Trigger Mechanism: MVD Trigger Predator Long

Please make sure you always clean your equipment carefully after use, using soap and water.
Also, we advise you to store your gear in a dry and dark environment so that the rubber bands can last as long as possible.
And finally, SAFETY FIRST!
Be sure to follow all safety guidelines regarding the use of all your spearfishing gear.


Please note, there may be a possible delay of up to 10 business days due to assembly.

PG Invert Roller Lite

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