Bonios Spearfishing ©2018

  • Design and implementation using state of the art technology CAD/CAM CNC code.
  • High precision engineered to strict specifications
  • Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine
  • High endurance, low friction Industrial  Acetal body
  • Real-time tested
  • Different types for almost every conventional speargun in the market
  • In three versions:
    • Open Pro (weight 50gr, single or double rubber pair)
    • Open Threaded (weight 45gr)
    • Open Standard (weight 45gr, single rubber pair)


Standard - MVD1034S

Threaded - MVD1035T

Pro - MVD1035P

Please select brand and Version, for correct type, size and dimensions !

Open muzzles

20,00 €Price