• Reverse trigger mechanism suitable for  Rob Allen spear-guns. Directly replaces existing mechanism.

  • High quality precision made mechanism, made of Inox 316L Marine steel.

  • Easily installed: Simply take off old mechanism and snap the new one in, secure with existing pin.

  • 7.5 cm linear load extension, due to back-end snap-in: Spear shaft snaps into back-end of mechanism, allowing for further load tension (7.5 cm), effecting in considerable increase of initial spear-shaft velocity, shooting range and piercing force.

  • Up to 180 kilos continuous trigger load, 360 kilos max load bench-tested! Certainly can “hold” a lot of rubber band pairs!

  • “Soft” trigger feel, steady fire with high lever ratio.

  • Auto release cord hook included.

  • Shaft thickness 6.5mm - 9.0mm

  • MVD quality control passed.

  • Limited life time warranty.

  • Accepts all popular shafts in the market.

  • V1 NO loading butt  (weight 111 gr.)

MVD Reverse Trigger Mechanism without loading butt (V1) for Rob Allen Spearguns

50,00 €Price